MilkSaver Finisher Meal

MilkSaver Finisher Meal 16% with Bovatec 20CC ACVM A009679


Contains lasalocid sodium at 90g/tonne (90mg/kg) of feed.

Suitable for feeding to calves weighing 70kg or more.


Control of coccidiosis and improved liveweight gain in calves.

Typical Analysis (Dry Matter Basis)

Crude Protein 16%

Ingredients Selected From

Barley, Maize, Wheat and Wheat By-Products, Broll, Molasses, Oaten Chaff, Lucerne Chaff, Zeolite, Soya Meal, Distillers Grains, Vegetable Oil, Bovatec®, Vitamins and Trace Minerals, Limestone and Salt.

Feeding Recommendations

Switch calves to this calf meal when they have reached a live weight of at least 70kg and continue to feed it alongside good quality hay for 3 or 4 weeks beyond weaning, ensuring clean water is always available.

For control of coccidiosis and improved liveweight gain feed 1kg of this calf meal per 60kg calf per day, to provide 90mg Lasalocid (equivalent to 1.5mg Lasalocid/kg live weight per day).

Available in 25kg bags


Dogs, horses and donkeys must not be allowed access to this calf meal as it contains Bovatec® and ingestion by these species may be fatal.

Withholding Period

Meat: Nil Milk: Cattle Nil, Goats 35 days


Care must be exercised when feeding concurrently with other antimicrobials. Do not feed with other ionophores e.g. Monensin capsule, liquid or premix. Do not exceed the recommended dose rates.

Milksaver Finisher Meal - Takanini Calf Feed


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