Takanini Feeds Ltd make a range of consistent, highly palatable, high quality feeds for all types of horses, and also supply additional grains – including whole or crushed oats, whole or rolled barley, and kibbled maize.

Horse feed manufactured by Takanini Feeds is made as required (not stockpiled) so it maintains the freshness that owners expect and that horses love. It allows horses to produce the great results their owners want. Grain used in all horse feed is sourced from New Zealand growers.

The Takanini Feeds range of horse feeds include formulations for horses at different life stages and in different levels of work – whether the goal is to maintain the condition of an elderly retired horse, support the nutritional needs of a broodmare, supply cool energy to a pony club mount, or provide the high energy necessary to enable a racehorse or sport horse in heavy work to compete at its full potential.

The Takanini meal mill manufactures horse meals to cater for a variety of nutritional requirements, from an oat free, complete cool feed at one end of the scale, to a high energy, high fat complete feed at the other. The different levels of fat/oil, protein and fibre contained in each of the feeds means that we will have a feed to suit any need, including a versatile base mix that has no added vitamins and minerals (which is also suitable for ruminants). This allows owners to choose which other grains, supplements, fibre, vitamins and minerals to add to the feed to suit the specific needs of each individual horse.

The Mangatawhiri Silos pellet plant produces Grass Saver – a copra based pellet that is a no fuss, low waste way to provide all horses with a quality high protein feed that includes a full vitamin and trace mineral premix.


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Grass Saver Pellets

Suitable for all horses that require a high protein feed to supplement pasture.
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Asian Horse Preparation Mix

Suitable for any horse that needs additional conditioning.
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Complete Race Formula

Suitable for race and sport horses that require a high energy feed to meet the demands of heavy work.
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Suitable for horses that require a complete cool feed to maintain condition.
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No 2 + Soya

Suitable for any horse that requires higher protein levels in order to gain condition.
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