Takanini Feeds Ltd manufactures custom blend dairy pellets that are designed to be fed using in-shed feeding systems. The pellets are designed to meet individual farm nutritional requirements, and energy and protein levels can be adjusted to meet the current weather conditions being experienced.

Having a more concentrated source of protein and energy than what grazing alone can provide makes them the ideal complement to pasture. Feeding cows a custom made pellet is a ‘no brainer’ compared to just relying on pasture alone. Being a highly digestible feed containing a consistent nutrient balance, Takanini Feeds dairy pellets help farmers to maintain a healthy herd of cows.

Pasture on its own cannot provide an optimum balance of all nutrients all the time especially in adverse weather conditions. Takanini Feeds dairy pellets will help to raise the herd’s productivity to the level their cows are genetically capable of achieving.

Custom blend dairy pellets give dairy farmers complete control over their cows nutritional requirements to help maximise their herd’s performance.

Dairy pellets from Takanini Feeds are manufactured at the Mangatawhiri Silos pellet plant. They are easy for farmers to order – just a phone call away – this means farmers can discuss their dairy pellet needs today. Takanini Feeds deliver in their own fleet of 12 tonne trucks and can achieve a rapid turnaround on customer orders.

Cows love their dairy pellets from Takanini Feeds, and farmers love the results.

Click here to read the Takanini Feeds ruminant protein declaration.

Takanini Feeds’ pellet mill at Mangatawhiri has a current FeedSafeNZ accreditation certificate – click here to see our FeedSafeNZ certificate. To visit the NZFMA website and find out about FeedSafeNZ, the standards and requirements, click here.

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