Complete Race Formula

Suitable for race and sport horses that require a high energy feed to meet the demands of heavy work.

Complete Race Formula is a fully balanced high energy, medium protein feed that includes vitamins and trace minerals, and uses New Zealand sourced ingredients in the recipe where possible.

The energy and protein levels needed to meet the demands of high performance racing and sport horses with intense workloads are supplied by Complete Race Formula in a highly palatable, fresh meal form. It is a complete supplement to grass and good quality hay.

Typical Analysis (Dry Matter Basis)

Crude Protein 11.6%

Ingredients Selected From:

Crushed Barley, Kibbled Maize, Crushed Oats, Broll, Copra, Soya Bean Meal, Lucerne Chaff, Oaten Chaff, Zeolite, Lime, Yea Sac, Soya/Canola Oil Blend, Salt, Molasses, Vitamins and Trace Minerals, Mould Inhibitor.

Feeding Recommendations

Complete Race Formula may be fed up to a maximum of 7.5kg per day, which should be split into at least two feeds and fed with roughage such as good quality hay, chaff or grass.

Because a full horse vitamin and trace mineral premix is included in the feed formulation, supplementing with additional vitamins and minerals is not recommended except under veterinary advice.

Available in 25kg bags

Caution: Complete Race Formula is not suitable to feed to sheep due to the high levels of copper associated with the Horse Premix included in the formulation.


Horse Feed - Complete Race Formula


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