As well as producing a range of feeds for poultry, horses and dairy cattle, Takanini Feeds Ltd produces Pig Grower Pellets and Economy Pellets. As with all products made by Takanini Feeds, these pellets are made on demand to ensure that the animals eating them are enjoying the freshest feed possible, instead of a product that may have been stockpiled ahead of demand.

Takanini Feeds manufactures both of these pellets at the Mangatawhiri Silos pellet plant with New Zealand and Australian sourced ingredients. Pig Grower Pellets meet the demand for a protein rich, pig specific supplementary feed and Economy Pellets for a feed that’s been formulated to suit a range of ruminants.

Pig Grower Pellets are high in protein and contain a full Pig Grower vitamin and trace mineral premix. They are ideal for maintaining the health and well-being of adult pigs, and for ensuring the health, well-being and growth of young pigs that have been weaned. An ideal pellet for pigs that live on lifestyle blocks, Pig Grower Pellets can be fed to pigs whose diet includes some household food scraps such as leftover vegetables. A pellet-form pig feed equals a low-waste pig feed.

Economy Pellets are a versatile, economical and low waste supplement option for ruminants. In order to maintain the economical price of these pellets, the ingredient selection changes with availability depending on the season. Designed to supplement hay during peak summer and winter months when pasture protein levels are lower, Economy Pellets are a highly digestible feed for goats, sheep and cattle – because of their high digestibility, care needs to be taken not to over feed them.

Takanini Feeds also supplies a range of grains, including whole or crushed oats, whole or kibbled maize, and whole or rolled barley.

Economy Pellets

Suitable for ruminants – cattle, sheep and goats – that require supplementary feed to maintain or improve condition.
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Pig Grower Pellets

Suitable for adult pigs, and weaned pigs requiring additional feed to maximise growth.
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