“I’m a long time Chook Chow enthusiast, feeding it to around 40 free range chooks, including ‘fancy’ chickens that I breed. I think Chook Chow is an excellent addition to their free range diet to ensure they’re receiving all the nutrition they need (but it would also be perfect for backyard hens that are out during the day and in at night, or in fact any other chickens). I love the fact that it’s a combination of real grains that I can actually see, and that the chooks love to eat it. It’s a feed that looks natural and it is – and it smells as good as it looks!”
Norma Browne

President (6 years), Clevedon A & P Show, Runs 'The Farmyard'

I have a 77 hectare farm and milk 285 cows on the property near Matamata.


After two dry seasons (2008/2009), change was required to:

  • drought proof the farm
  • maintain and increase production
  • hold condition of cows through dry summers
  • gain extra me after calving through to mating
  • reduce empty rate by half
  • increase the ability to milk later into the season so more cow milk days
  • have cows drying off in correct condition

Takanini Feeds pellets are made according to seasonal requirements. The added advantage is they give me the following:

  • the option to have ratio of additives such as Magnesium, Zinc, Bovatec, Vitamins and Minerals adjusted according to requirements and feeding rates
  • the ability to speak directly to the person running the mill


  • Takanini Feeds own their own fleet of trucks and the service from mill to farm is fantastic
  • in shed feeding systems are labour saving compared to feed pad system
  • capital cost and maintenance are low compared to feed pads

Start feeding as cows calve and cows will climb to high ms per day to reach their potential quicker. Then adjust feeding rate to spring grass growth and dry matter levels. Don’t be afraid to adjust the feeding rate as conditions change throughout the season.

David Wearne

Dairy farmer, Matamata

“Our 16 free range Hyline Brown hens love Chook Chow and turned up their beaks in disgust when we tried some other brands. We wouldn’t change now as they love it and are very healthy and content. Our friends and neighbours who regularly buy eggs from us all agree that the eggs taste wonderful. We believe this is a result of the natural mixed grains along with all the extra added vitamins and minerals. Chook Chow looks and smells delicious as well so it’s little wonder our hens are so eager to eat it.”
Rodney & Rose Dunn

Just Add Worms Ltd

“LC Horse Farm has been breeding and training horses for nine years here in Clevedon, New Zealand.  After trying different feeds we compared and decided on Takanini Feeds for our sport horses.  They are delivered fresh every week and the results are fantastic.  Our horses perform at every age and level of competition from 4 year olds to Grand Prix.  We also use Takanini Feeds for our broodmares with great results.  We are now very proud to be sponsored by Takanini Feeds and don’t want to change a winning combination.”
Steve Cohen

LC Horse Farm, Clevedon